The 5 steps to complete nutrition awareness

How do you become aware of complete nutrition?

What happens when you go for a journey? Or how does a race start? They both create some sort of a reference point as the starting point of the journey or the race. Once the starting point has been determined, we can start our journey from that reference point. We all know how it happens with athletics. The athletes line up at the start, there is a pistol shot, and they all start running their own race.

The same is valid with our nutrition. It is actually a best practice for every journey to establish a starting point. Becoming aware of our complete nutrition means defining complete nutrition first. And then determine the key awareness steps in our very specific case.

Complete nutrition regulates and creates optimal energy. Forget outside measures, such as calorie counting or using a scale to weigh whatever. You know when you have reached your optimal energy, by the way, you feel in your daily activities. You know when you feel great, just as you know when you don't feel so good. And that feeling tells you everything you need to know.

The first step to complete nutrition awareness.

Journal your food and drink intake for a determined period of time. Make a clear choice for one or two typical weeks and stick with it. Write down everything in terms of foods and drinks you consume, no matter how small. Furthermore, note in detail how you feel every day, preferably at least three to four times a day.

The second step to complete nutrition awareness.

Have a good look through your notes and see if you can discover any patterns, maybe the same foods, the same drinks, maybe the amounts of foods and drinks, maybe the timing. Try to notice the same with your notes about the way you felt in the same period of time, the pattern of days and moments when you felt amazing and days or moments that weren't great.

The third step to complete nutrition awareness.

Group the amazing days and moments together. Do the same with the good and the dreadful ones. Bring the preceding meals and drinks together with the three corresponding groupings of amazing, good, and lousy days and moments to create a complete overview of amazing, good, and lousy feelings linked to the relevant foods and drinks.

The fourth step to complete nutrition awareness.

Check the "amazing" groupings and make a note of what you observe. Take a look at the "good" groupings and write down what you notice. Do the same with the "lousy" groupings. I am sure you will discover new and interesting facts about your choices and they way they contribute to the way you feel.

The fifth step to complete nutrition awareness.

This final step is about getting to all relevant conclusions and insights that your recorded complete nutrition, and your feelings have had to offer. So write down all your conclusions based on every piece of data you have been able to record on your behalf. Turn the table and see if you can get more insights if you take different perspectives on all the available data.

You have done yourself a great service to build an overview of the way you have felt for a week or two in combination with the intake of foods and drinks for the same period of time and the same specific days and moments.

Notice that this is not about "healthy" foods or about any outside measures. It is you and your "inside" feelings that get to decide how you feel and what the relevant complete nutrition insights are.


This is complete nutrition awareness done effectively and based on a simple process within a limited period of time.

Now I'm feeling curious.

What are you going to do with the conclusions and insights?

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