The clear choice for Elegant Fitness

Make a clear choice for Elegant Fitness

The foundational principle of making a clear choice implies actually making a conscious and clear choice. That means that you need to consider all available options, their pros and cons, and then make a sensible decision. Elegant fitness brings forward a key challenge to begin with: quality versus quantity.

Elegant Fitness definitely a clear choice for quality. Always going for quality in this context means you are completely aware of form and pay full attention to exercise performance from a form perspective first. Weight is a measure of quantity, and that is never the initial priority of elegant fitness. Remember, always make a clear choice for quality and form instead of quantity or weight.

Elegant fitness is about simple and effective form to reach a true value performance. Let's be clear, simple and effective is always gracious and elegant. Look around in your gym, or even easier, on the street when you walk to do your office or to do your groceries. You always tend to notice elegance, and I am not talking about clothing or shoes, though they can add. I am talking about posture. A gracious posture is special. We certainly recognize one when we see one. Imagine that when you exercise and everyone in the gym notices you. That is the clear choice for elegant fitness.

Being noticed in the gym or on the street is of course nice but that is not our goal. That is just a side benefit. Elegant fitness means focus on you and your performance to achieve your fitness goals. Focus on easy and productive exercise form allows for a number of primary benefits that move you safely and swiftly on your health journey. Let's go over a few of them.

Safety first

Elegant fitness starts with safety. And a simple and effective exercise form creates safety first. Good form helps you prevent fitness injuries. Every fitness exercise you can think of, whether cardio or resistance training, has its instructions for accepted form. Make sure you first learn the proper form before going faster or lifting more weight. This is the life principle of first learning how to walk before you learn how to run.

Effective training

Elegant fitness makes sure you train the very muscles you want to train. Training with the right exercise form makes sure the relevant muscles are targeted and recruited. It also takes advantage of the body's most effective movements to train these muscles. Proper form allows you to lift more weight. These are the points for your straight line to get fantastic results in your fitness area of choice.

Breathe for performance

Elegant fitness creates the foundation for proper breathing during your exercise performance. Simple and effective breathing is a complete science on its own, regardless of your activity. In our fitness context, breathing but a great point here is that it allows you to develop greater force to lift more weight. Furthermore, breathing effectively keeps you safe and healthy in doing so. Contrast that with people you see in the gym, holding their breath when exercising. Learn to breathe properly when exercising and you add another sizable advantage on your health journey.

Last but certainly not least, try to remember that elegant fitness with its simple and effective form does by no means mean the perfect form. I very much prefer you to be conscious of the exercise form, to be aware of your exercise form, to pay attention to your form with respect to the exercise form, and to actively learn to progress at your form to make it a little better every day.

Do you train for elegant fitness?