The Quality side of Fitness Overload

Elegant Fitness is all about quality. Exercising with class creates the most critical challenge. It brings up the quality question of pure form. Quality and superb exercise form is the essential foundation of any healthy fitness journey. The quality side of fitness overload begins with style and creates space for the infinite feedback loop.

Work with perfect form and with a specific purpose in mind. Take advantage of overload.

The Overload Principle

The fitness overload principle states that we have to disrupt our muscle system enough to create a positive and meaningful adaption for significant progress in a combination or any form of conditioning, strength, hypertrophy, or physique development. There are several points of importance here.


This is about adaptation to stimulus. Change occurs when we challenge our body's stable condition, the homeostasis. The stimulus has to be higher than the current physical and physiological state of affairs to elicit adaptation. Progress comes with the effort it takes to move over to the newly created stability level.

If the stimulus is not strong enough to trigger a visible and tangible adaptation, progress may be attained, but it will be at such a lower scale that it practically goes undetectable. If the challenge is too strong, then we're going to bring our body in a state that is prone to injury due to an emotional, physical or emotional overreaction.

Quality and Quantity of overload.

The overload principle brings up two complementary perspectives, the qualitative and the quantitative approaches to disruption. The quality side of overload is about your inside-out feedback about how you can challenge your body based on feeding information to and from your internal loop. The quantity side of progress is about intensity measured in numbers, the work volume of sets, reps, and weight. Both sides of the progress coin are necessary and come with a choice.

The on-going adjustment of the quality and quantity continuum.

The 80/20 rule is about adequate progress. It is about the choice of the relevant 20% effort to reach 80% results and. Notice that 20% and 80% are the critical parts of the same 100% system. It is the same for disruption quality and quantity in fitness. Here's where the numbers and opinions vary.

Fitness overload principles have its own beliefs. Check them out here.

The clear choice for Quality, no balance, no moderation.

I make a clear choice for 20% quantity and 80% quality to create a sustainable and effective overload for peak performance. Your internal and infinite feedback loop are the keys to the connection of your body, mind, and spirit. This is the first mirror of your progress. The quantity side of fitness overload is the necessary and sufficient condition to sustain physical and physiological growth and link it to your feedback loop. Learn to avoid reading a calculator to understand how you feel or if you made progress.

How do you learn Quality

This is your honest journey with every strong fitness challenge. It will be work in progress for years and years. Get used to the idea that it requires hard work and years and years of practice.

Start by making it a personal challenge to mind exercise form.

T-Nation has useful tips for form and exercise execution.

Planning to workout with a barbell? Then check this book out: Starting Strength.

Listen to your body, to ask yourself how you feel and to enjoy and appreciate the diversity of inside-out feedback nuances. Feed your performance hunger every day with a new step forward on your infinite feedback loop to build up your quality mind-body connection. This is fitness overload at its best.

The quantity side with its math of figures and numbers will find you without any effort.

The fitness principles are science, their application is the art.

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