Thinking of Permanent Weight Loss?

The first week of the year is over. People make a new start, and this is the time of the resolutions. There is new energy, more weight after the holidays, and many other reasons to launch a thought of change. As human as we are, we want to make a good start and move forward with the intention of improving our life. This is very good. The problem is that most good resolutions won't make it further than ten days.

A diet is a project.

Project research and statistics show that a good 20% deliver the expected results on time and within budget. Projects have a fixed duration by definition, even if lots of projects may get you to doubt that. They are supposed o start and end on precise dates. A diet resembles a project plan profoundly. It sets you up with a short-term mindset and behavior. How is this weight loss change going to last forever?

Permanent Weight Loss? Ok, but lose the diets.

A diet is like the theme of the month. Weeks, months or even a year won't make any difference regarding long-term results. You want permanent weight loss? Lose the diet mindset and behavior. Start thinking long-term. Prepare for a journey that will allow and stimulate a lifestyle change. Question your permanent weight loss "why" until it resonates with your deepest values and beliefs. Make it an infinite source of inspiration.

The mindset of Permanent Weight Loss

This is the key to your pursuit. Permanent weight starts with a fundamental long-term oriented mindset. This is the mindset that creates a new lifestyle and supports making choices that promote on-going habit-based learning. A change that does not become a habit won't last for long. Your habits can last for a lifetime. It is up to you to become aware and choose healthy habits that build sustainable weight loss.The Habits to support your mindset and behaviorThink of brushing your teeth. You do it every day and don't even think about it. It has become a way of life. It gets even better. This habit operates on automatic pilot. The way to create long-term and sustainable weight loss is to build a series of patterns that support and promote weight loss.

The magic is in the hard work of becoming aware of what helps and what doesn't. Make it easy and start slow, with very, very small aspects of your current lifestyle. Keep what helps and make them slowly into automatic habits. Start new habits once you are sure that you have space next to what you already can handle.

Enjoy your personal Health Journey

Have fun on your journey. Make choices that allow for passion, energy, and joy. Choose foods that create amazing feelings of anticipation and let you enjoy the whole food experience. Sustainable weight loss is a choice of abundance, not a mindset of restriction. This not about eating less and less. Permanent weight loss is about eating smart, making good choices, and enjoying everything on your personal health journey. The goal here is to enjoy the journey instead of waiting for the achievement of whatever milestones or results. Permanent weight loss is a conscious lifestyle of healthy habits.The joy of your personal health journey builds long-term character and success.More help? Don't struggle on your own.
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