How to Make Weight Loss the Highest Guarantee of a Never Seen Reward

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Weight loss is a magic treasure. Those who have it want to keep it. Those who don't have it want to get it. But what is weight loss? And how come weight loss has become a fantastic prize? Here's the context. Obesity is on the rise at a worldwide level like never before. The stock value of weight loss is on the rise too. And this is where it gets weird. Why? Because it becomes the highest guarantee of a never seen reward.

Weight loss value? It's the value you assign it. Yes, it's your mindset and a choice.

That makes it a difficult thing to grasp. Its value skyrockets when you need it.

And it becomes the value of a street stone when you have it.

Is this all about weight loss in absolute terms? No, it's not.

Weight loss is never only about weight loss.

Your weight loss project is part of a personal Health Journey.

And it starts with the mindset of change, the achievement of a lifestyle change.

Think of the fundamentals of Complete Nutrition, Elegant Fitness, sleep and recovery, and less stress. It's a continuum that lets you enjoy the journey. The goal is the journey.

Weight loss becomes the result of your health journey, not the other way around.

Lifestyle Change creates habits and action

How come the vast majority of people working on weight loss can't sustain it for long?

That's because we make a choice for the next shiny object diet that we cannot continue with for the rest of our life. The result? The lost weight comes back with a vengeance.

Is that simple? No, it's not. Weight loss is a difficult and complex enterprise.

There are twists and turns, plus your metabolism and hormones.

Focus on the big picture here and keep a close eye on your lifestyle change.

Do you create a system of sustainable habits to enjoy your health journey?

If yes, then there is a very good chance you're set for success.

And here's what you need to think of next.

Complete Nutrition with WFPB

Whole Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) creates a solid foundation of health. It provides you with all the nutrients needed and in more than sufficient quantity. Moreover, chances are you'll find tasty and delicious foods to enjoy. There is so much diversity in the land of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds that you won't ever exhaust the endless combinations of, literally, joy and energy.

Does it get even better? Yes, it does.

WFPB has weight loss built-in as a healthy and sustainable side dish for you.

Stay as far away as you can get of caloric restriction and other WFPB artificial limits.

You can enjoy food and lose weight, seemingly without any effort.

The effort is your conscious choice to invest in a sustainable, healthy lifestyle change.

Remember, your goal is to enjoy your Health Journey. And weight loss will come.

Elegant Fitness by Design

Fitness program design is both art and science.

It takes expertise to build a program that is focused on the whole person.

Make sure your gym visits are well-thought, purposeful, and effective routines.

Exercise selection comes last in fitness programming, once you have defined your theme, objective, strategy, tactics, and variables. Make sure that the program fits you.

A program for weight loss for a whole particular person starts with the mindset.

It builds up you and your work capacity over time. It allows time and effortful form first.

There is a reason for that. Master the movement before you begin with the weights.

A weight loss program may very well display a mix of compound exercises.

Make a choice to use multiplexes for the highest metabolic response a design choice.

And consider recovery an essential part of the same Elegant Fitness program.

Sleep, Recovery, and Stress are The Unforgettable

Food and calories? Yes, we know about these things.

Overeat or the wrong foods, and there are too many calories coming in.

And that means we get overweight fast. We know that. At least, we think we know.

Recovery? Huh, what do you mean? Difficult stuff. And it's the same for Sleep and Stress.

The trade of sleep, recovery, and stress are the foundational health ingredients.

Your body works like a whole system. Weight Loss? Recover the system.

Think of foods that promote recovery. Take sleep seriously.

Sleep quality and quantity matter more than you think.

Build recovery into your workouts too.

Stress deserves critical attention too. It's invisible, and it can pack quite a punch.

Do you want an invisible friend or an invisible enemy?

Some people don't like real surprises. Or friends.

And stress is bad new for weight loss.

Stress can become your friend or your enemy, up close, and personal.

Stress is an even more complicated thing than all the others. It doesn't get famous too.

You need to become aware of stress, the right stress, the bad stress and its impact.

No fear? Everyone has it. Discover yours and create your optimal response.

And yes, sleep, recovery, and stress are critical to athletic performance and weight loss. It's not only a fundamental aspect of your health and performance.

Somehow we take them for granted. Your health and wright loss suffer when we do.



How many people have created a lifestyle change for sustainable health by design?

What about successful strategies for food, fitness, sleep, recovery, and stress?

Imagine the opportunity that you have for permanent weight loss.

You are now aware of the essential parts of the whole system.

That sets you up for a jumpstart. Go for the guarantee of a never seen reward.

Want to know more about permanent weight loss?

There is a personal health journey waiting for you.

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