The Weight loss Pill and Program: When Fiction is not Science Fiction

Everything moves at warp speed these days. Technology gets faster and better. We have raised our expectations to live our life now and in the moment. Instant gratification has reached new highs in its coverage of the way we think and act. We feel the need to match the power and effectiveness of the latest computer chips and memory. Problems arise when we expect the same for our mind, body, and spirit. Where is the pill?

Forget fast. Lose the "Pill". Go for Slow and Mindful

The era of using a mobile phone to call is long gone. We are smart with our smart phones now. Where is our help? Technology is becoming a defining power in our toolkit. Progress is fine. It becomes increasingly difficult to focus and make healthy choices that empower our health journey. The thought and feelings of everything being at arm's length bring up similar visions for natural health, food, and exercise.

Break up with the need for speed. Loose that "pill" thought for your health. Start designing your health journey with big dreams and small steps, one habit at a time. Take advantage of your fantastic body and support it with a mindful experience of your food. Exercising has to be seen in the same context. Discover the joy of physical activity within the purpose of your dreams. Enjoy it slowly and profoundly.

Take on the challenge of making deliberate, smart, and mindful choices for your health.

Permanent Weight Loss is about Lifestyle Change

There is no magic pill for permanent weight loss. Move out of the fiction of programs with claims of days and weeks for sustainable body transformation. Think twice.

Realize that instant results from weight loss pills and short term challenges are crap fiction, not even science fiction. It takes serious commitment and a lifestyle change to reach strong and healthy outcomes.

That's where habit-based learning comes in.

And this where the design of your personal health journey helps most.

Change your thoughts for joy and energy with every move.

Change starts with your mindset. What are the questions that you ask yourself?

Forget Google and the answers for a moment. It pays to start off thinking about questions first.

Are you prepared for a commitment to healthy food choices?

Do you want quality for your health journey?

It's ok to think about the questions first. Moreover, it is necessary to be mindful here too. Maybe you are anxious about the start and the overwhelming character of such a massive problem. Again, keep it simple.

Your health journey starts with your decision to change.