This is What Happens When you Mind Food for Workout Power

How many times did you search for what to eat around your workouts?

How many times did you look for workout snacks and supplements?

What if there was a simple solution to power up your workout?

There is! And it's called real food, the WFPB cusine.

What do you need for a workout? How does your body produce its magic fuel for exercise?

If you're reading this, you probably know already know the answer: carbs and protein.

Your body's energy pathways can use fat for energy too. It's less efficient.

How come Whole Foods, Plant-Based nutrition is the solution for workout power?

Does it help me to achieve permanent weight loss? I want that too.

Yes it does. Because it contains healthy carbs, proteins and fats in their most natural form.

Food can promote health and be fuel for energy at the same time.

We want to be healthy, look, and feel a lot better too.

The easy WFPB cuisine

Let's take a look at what are the WFPB foods first: fruits, legumes, oats, and vegetables.

There is no need to have special workout meals other than your regular food intake.

How about overnight oats in almond or soy milk with blueberries and a banana?

A shake? Fine. Go for leafy greens, a banana, berries, plant-based milk.

Where are the supplements? I mean, where's the whey? Where's the good stuff for muscle?

I got you covered. It's one of the biggest and hardest roadblocks of the fitness industry.

Why would anyone need supplements? What do they bring on top of real food?

What is a supplement's added value that makes it worth it for you?

No. It doesn't bring you anything that justifies its use at all.

Let me repeat that. There is no need for supplements.

How about supplements for athletes? Professional athletes?

Well, think about it good and long. Are you competing at the very top end?

Okay. There may be a case to squeeze in the last inch, and in very in specific situations.

Stay true to yourself and to your health journey. Even then, it is the basics and real food first.

The takeaway: Fuel your workout with fruits, legumes,

whole grains and vegetables.

One more thing. Think of your exercise recovery too.

What's the best food for exercise and recovery? You already know.

What happens when you mind food for workout power?

You get a superb foundation for athletic performance and become healthy too.

Thinking about WFPB? You can start here.

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