Why Specificity connects with Elegant Fitness

Walk into a gym randomly and observe for a few minutes. You see men and women training, having fun, talking, and getting decent workouts. Imagine you want to find out which people are just going through whatever motions, machines or weights, and which folks move with a specific direction in mind. Specificity creates focus and direction.

You swim to train for swimming. This is Specificity at work

Specificity comes in multiples shapes and forms and is essentially about training specific muscles that generate that desired sports movement or a chosen task, training the central nervous system to help you perform better in a specific sport or task, o, of course, training the specific movement or task itself. They say that practice makes perfect. And sometimes we hear that perfect practice makes perfect. In our case, specific practice makes an effective training process for specific results.

Train the body systems that move for a specific sport or task.

The key point here is that once you know that you need or want to train for your specific sport or for a specific given task, then you train the body systems responsible for performing the chosen movement. So if very specific muscles are involved with your movement, then you need to take this information into account to design an effective fitness program.

The human body works as an integrated system and it is important to understand the system and its parts to create a stimulus that delivers on your needs. Paying attention to the technique used to move the weight will take care of the most important aspect next to expert fitness program design. Impeccable execution brings it all home with an edge.

This is what Elegant Fitness is all about.

Train the central nervous system to improve for a specific sport or task

A champion is 95% mindset and 5% effort. Everything we do, talking about an integrated system, sets up very specific communication pathways with our brain. The brain and our central nervous system signal and generate movement in our body. Training for a specific sport or task involves creating specific communication pathways with our brain.

Optimal performance can be achieved if these pathways become most effective at helping us move in the chosen direction. You need a highway instead of a small country road. Building a neural highway means following specific and effective training patterns and doing so with overload and with sensible recovery. In other words, train smart, train harder than you need for your sport or task and recover more to allow for optimal adaptation. That is how you will build a superhighway.

Train the specific sports movement or task itself

If you want to win at swimming, then you should train swimming. If you are shy and you want to network with others, you need to practice connecting with others. This means that you must train to mirror the movements needed in your competition if you want to become a champion in your sport.

This sounds far more simple than it is. It can become quite complex because you need to know exactly what these movements or tasks are, where they originate, how are they generated, and where do they end and how. You need to understand the integrated body system physiology and its parts in order to design an effective training arsenal and a process to achieve peak performance.

Specificity, when done with Elegant Fitness, will help you achieve your true potential.

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