This is What Happens when You Focus on the Whole Body Workout

A quick way to focus is to ask a question.

What can I do to make a conscious choice for Elegant Fitness?

How can I enjoy Complete Nutrition to optimally fuel and support my body?

That's your focus, on the actions you can take with your Personal Health Journey.

Elegant Fitness is all about an effective exercise execution with perfect form.

An excellent whole-body workout can be a serious option in this context.

Pause this thought for a moment, and let's start at the beginning.

Here's an open door but I am going to kick it in any way.

Think of you as a whole person. Don't ever start with exercise choice, much less with going to the gym and just do something on whatever machines are lined up there.

Consider you and your complete environment first and see if your purpose fits with a whole-body fitness routine. Go through relevant aspects like what do you do for work, what are your family and other obligations, and how much time do you have to spend on elegant Fitness at home or in the gym.

Whatever workout you decide to choose, it has to fit you as a whole person.

Leave the other way around out of this equation.

Here's why a whole body workout may be the right choice for you.

Increased Fat Loss

Depending on your choice for the workout routine, you will get to work for all your muscle groups at least two or, better, three times a week. And it allows you to lift weights with a high frequency and a moderate work volume. It sets you up for a decent recovery too. It's this combination of reasonable exercise rate and healing that is ideal for fat loss.

Better muscle hormone build-up levels

Whole-body workouts with relevant compound exercises create moderate adaptive stress on lots of muscle fibers. And that's the key to higher testosterone and lower cortisol levels. The better the hormone mix levels, the testosterone to cortisol ratio, the faster you can build lean muscle tissue.

Focus on the Effective and the Essential

Taking yourself into account as a whole person with your full universe surrounding you often leads to the realization that time is in short supply. I get it. Life gets in the way.

And that tends to leave less time to train. The solution? A whole body workout.

Select the most effective, relevant, and compound exercises that fit you and your purpose, and you are good to go.

And more is less with a limited time offer.

Did you notice that you make better choices when there is a constraint at play?

You tend to focus more on what matters most. And here it's about essential movements. Think of exercises such as the squat, deadlift, and presses, to name a few.

Last but not least, we are talking about Elegant Fitness here.

And that means effectiveness with perfect form. Remember, form before weight.

Want more help with a whole-body workout?

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