Why is Bad actually not Good with Complete Nutrition

Focus. Think about food and nutrition.

Who or what defines the good or the bad foods?

How can you make a difference in your health journey?

Make a conscious, consistent and healthy choice as much as you can.

Develop your complete nutrition one step at a time with habit-based learning.

Explore and experiment to discover what you feel and enjoy with foods on purpose.

The Mindset of Bad Foods

I keep drawing your attention to the fundamental principle for everything: the mindset.

Food and nutrition start with your mindset. What do you want to see and feel?

Do you care about the nature, quality, and the energy of the food?

Every time you eat, there is a choice that has been made, consciously or unconsciously. Both are clear choices that determine your personal health journey.

Don't eat these foods. Really?

Yes. Set the food aside, that's a definite no go. This one is a red flag too.

Does this sound familiar? This is the negative mindset of restriction.

Bad foods? Yes, there are always bad foods. Just as there are bad people.

Do you avoid people or approach anyone you meet for the first time as a negative?

No, you do not. Why? That's precisely the mindset of bad people, or bad food, at work.

It creates an on-going, harmful and unsustainable perspective of less and less.

The mindful perspective of Complete Nutrition

Mindfulness is your ability to be fully present.

Complete Nutrition starts with your mindset and behavior.

It creates a healthy foundation of conscious choices about food and nutrition.

The mindful perspective of Complete Nutrition starts with an abundance mindset.

And builds your health journey up with joy and energy through active nutrition habits.

The Good Foods ... Compared to what?

So what is the list of right foods? There must be a list of healthful foods and nutrition.

Yes. There is a list for everything. And there are thousands of functional foods lists.

The point is ... okay, but compared to what? What's your reference point?

Now you can compare. And you are the one creating your good list

Why? Because this is about your personal reference point and health journey.

Here's my choice of foods and nutrition.

Know yours? Want help to start?

Design your healthy foundation right here.

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