This is What really Makes a Workout get The Highest Reward

Thinking about a workout makes you somehow get right into the questions of what exercises, which dumbbells, how much weight, what machines, movement patterns, and more.

How come? It's startling craziness If you take a step back and see right through it.

Purpose, intensity, and biofeedback make a workout get the highest reward.

Doing a workout is fun. It can also take a funny look at you, and you won't ever go to a gym or exercise at home. It can be overwhelming. It can be annoying too. The truth is, just like with everything, a workout can be many things to many people. It is a clean, healthy act also.

And I know, do it sounds attractive. It makes a superb case to take action now.

But what are the pure fitness workout essentials that make a difference?


What's your first question when you are asked to do something? Exactly, you ask why.

How is that different for a workout? It's not. You need to know your purpose first.

Do you want to gain muscle? Is losing fat the priority? Or is it conditioning?

Designing a workout starts on paper. Forget all about the weight.

What exercises? That's the last step in the creative process.


How much do you bench? That's the first question you get when you go to a gym.

Very often, the intensity gets linked to the amount of weight you can lift.

The more weight you can lift, the more intense your training can get.

Wrong. Weight is at best the 20% of the intensity equation.

Intensity is 80% about the pure focus and concentration you bring to your training sessions.

Its meaning is about your ability to create a persistent feeling that nothing else matters.

The elite athletes call it the zone. How can you get in the "zone" and stay there?

This is the intensity that helps you master your mind, body, and purpose link.


No, this is not about organic food.

Biofeedback is about listening to your body.

The human body is an expert on what works.

The 8020 rule? Get 80% of feedback from inside your body.

What about sets, reps, 1-RM, and another gym talk? That's your max 20%.

You are there for a purpose. And you build up your work capacity and exercise intensity.

You feel where you are. You get progress and how much more you can work out.

You sense a break and its length. You experience the need for recovery

You know when to push and when to step back with grace.

Are you starting? Use the guidance of reps and sets ranges.

Realize that your fitness journey is about moving from outside in to inside out.

Just as intensity is not meant to be weight, your feedback needs to come from the source.

The goal is to get the biofeedback going and to become an expert listener of its fine whispers.


Wonder what the highest reward of a workout can be?

That is you, knowing you get in with a clear purpose.

That is you, practicing and learning pure intensity.

And that is you, working with your biofeedback.

Want to know more?

Get in touch to find out about your workout' purpose, intensity, and biofeedback. There is a lot to know and apply in terms of movement, form, ranges and planes of motion, weights, multi-joint exercises and much more. Take the first step to start your fitness journey.